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Liu Yunshan of Hungary official goodwill visit – International – should Hungarian prime minister Orban, chairman of the government invited the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee of CPC Central Committee Liu Yunshan on October 5th to 6 on the official visit to hungary. This is October 5th, Liu Yunshan met with the chairman of Hungarian prime minister Orban, the government in Budapest. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Gao Jie Xinhua news agency in Budapest in October 7,   (reporter Li Zhongfa, Yang Yongqian), chairman of the government should be Hungarian prime minister Orban invited the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee of CPC Central Committee Liu Yunshan 5 days to 6 days to Hungary was a friendly visit, President Adair met separately in Budapest, Hungary, Qinghai the NLD chairman and Prime Minister Orban and Congress President Kwel. Liu Yunshan met with Adair, first conveyed the cordial greetings of President Xi Jinping. Liu Yunshan said that in recent years the bilateral high-level exchanges, enhance political mutual trust, expanding cooperation in various fields, the bilateral relations in the best period in history. China appreciates the Hungarian side to adhere to the correct position on the issue concerning China’s core interests, willing to work with Hungary to The Belt and Road "construction as an opportunity to push bilateral relations forward. Adair asked Liu Yunshan to convey his good wishes to President Xi Jinping. He said that the friendship has profound historical basis, and facing the "The Belt and Road" construction opportunities, in response to climate change, water resources protection and other global issues also have the potential for cooperation, the bilateral relations in the future will be better. Meet Orban, Liu Yunshan said, "the Chinese The Belt and Road" initiative with Hungary "opening to the East" policy to Hindley, bilateral relations will bring new development opportunities. China is willing to strengthen all levels of exchanges with the Hungarian side, expand economic and trade cooperation, expand cultural art, media, sports education exchanges, promote Chinese cooperation with central and Eastern European countries more achievements. Liu Yunshan said that the Communist Party and all China Fidesz shouldering the national leadership of reform and development, hoping to strengthen the governing experience exchanges and exchanges of young cadres, to consolidate the political foundation of bilateral friendship. Mr Orban said the traditional friendship between the two peoples is the common wealth of the two countries. The Hungarian side appreciated China’s support for the deal with the debt crisis, will continue to support China’s core interests in the China problem, welcome China play a greater role in international affairs. Hungary would like to rely on the geographical advantage, do the bridge between Europe and the Chinese. The ruling party led development of the bilateral relations, should further deepen exchanges and cooperation. When meeting with Kwel, Liu Yunshan said that the bilateral relations based on mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win on to a new level. Chinese party and government as Hungary as a strategic partner, and on the development of bilateral relations, political relations and deepen the "Belt and Road Initiative" "16+1" within the framework of cooperation, strengthen dialogue and communication, to achieve common development. Kwel said that the Hungarian political parties are highly consistent in the development of relations with China and is willing to work with China to build a link between the interests of the two countries, the two peoples heart tightly linked. During the visit, Liu Yunshan attended the Chinese, East European political dialogue, entitled "promoting" The Belt and Road "construction and" 1)相关的主题文章:

The son was bad, then Dad are not close to him! Sohu –

The son was bad, then Dad are not close to him! – it | Wen Jun small Sohu maternal cheats high every time I think about my husband and my son, you can laugh for a long time, the son is really too bad. Small high son was 7 months, there was a little high to cook, let husband help lower renlaifeng son, husband and son in bed all play, is also the son of a giggle incessantly, finally tired, small high husband lying in bed, let the son stand on their own the chest for high, during the small high continuously from the kitchen for a while: shouted to the children of the urine, but lazy husband automatically blocked results son play tired, standing directly in the father’s body on the urine, the urine bad son dad a face, the worse is some direct urine to Dad’s mouth, she is still the giggle, suddenly, a little high husband face mask, what ah? Mouth salty, small high husband holding his son immediately, the son of a wife to hand thrown, immediately rushed into the bathroom, was his own son to the pit, then it’s disgusting, small, high let husband and children, husband is dead to bring fear, ah. The baby is not sensible, sometimes inevitably do some "bad", so you have to suffer too? Wang: when mother son full moon, a lot of friends and relatives all came, the children do not want others to have a male friend, can not hold it, hold it, the hapless urine was a cry, do not let her have a. Mum: a husband do when the bus, standing beside a mother holding a child, playing down the mobile phone did not pay attention, suddenly legs feel warm, it is to let people give the baby urine, a others’mother Jin apology, husband also zirendaomei, but goddamn don’t know to change a position, while others gave the baby urine a leg, husband face will be green. Yang mother: Son of a small special naughty love bath, not every time, to the promotion of the bath water in the bowl, he hurried to the urine, said don’t wash water dirty, sometimes home gardening, we do not have to place people directly poured. And the child caught a cold, how to do? What is the baby crying? How do the child spits? Baby long eczema how to deal with? Want to let the baby grow taller, what way? When will the baby call mother? 1 year old really have to wean it?…… If you have these parenting confusion, please pay attention to WeChat public number: [parenting tips]. Do the "bottom" of the mother heart!相关的主题文章:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs China hopes that India and Pakistan to strengthen dialogue and communica utc行家

Foreign Ministry: China hopes that India and Pakistan to strengthen dialogue and properly handle differences – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, September 21 (Yu Zhanyi Liang Yi) China Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang 21 at a regular press conference said that India and Pakistan are important countries and regions. China hopes that India and Pakistan to strengthen dialogue and communication, properly handle differences. A reporter asked, recently, Indian controlled Kashmir camp was attacked, India accused Pakistan to support cross-border terrorism. Is that India Pakistan deliberately wipe black image, transfer of International Society for the Indian controlled region in the attention of G. India Pakistan relations so tense. What is China’s comment on this? Lu said that the Chinese side of the recent conflict and violence in Kashmir caused casualties, and tensions between India and Pakistan expressed concern. We hope that all parties will exercise restraint and refrain from exacerbating tensions. "On the issue of terrorism, China’s position is consistent." Lu Kang reiterated that China always opposes all forms of terrorism, advocated by the strengthening of international cooperation to jointly cope with the threat of terrorism, efforts to protect the safety of human society. "India and Pakistan are important countries in the region. We hope that the two sides will strengthen dialogue and communication, properly handle differences and work together for peace, stability and security in the region." Lu Kang said. (end)相关的主题文章:

Kangxi is very worried about what the extraordinary skill of craftsmen who write imperial poetry meyou

Kangxi is very worried about what the extraordinary skill of craftsmen who write imperial poetry? Core tip: in Lei Jinyu’s inscription also recorded this story. Kangxi imperial poetry "changchunyuan Ji", also specifically mentioned an extraordinary skill craftsman, he has been very concerned about. After this, Lei Jinyu was involved in many engineering projects in the western suburbs of the park.   Old Summer Palace forty king of all in peace, nine years of Qianlong (1744) data from the chart:, author: Jing Tao compiled, the original title: stay in Old Summer Palace on the red wall Lei "in the construction of the Old Summer Palace six 0 emperors and painters just like the beauty and reality put on the paper, and the specific implementation of the construction is in the Queen’s Palace – style housing construction company. The Queen’s pioneer institutions built is the famous "Lei" family. Lei Jinyu risked an "beam Lei ancestral home Jiangxi Yongxiu, Kangxi twenty-two years (1683) the first generation developed by Jiangning (Nanjing) to Beijing, to the seventh generation of Lei Tingchang in the Guangxu Dynasty died, the seven generation of Ray’s Royal Palace, garden, Mausoleum and temple Ya Department, design and construction. Because Lei Jia generations is the Qing government style real palm leader (with people today say is chief architect), it was the world known as the "lei". In some folk legends, trying to tell people: why an ordinary craftsman can become the chief architect Yibudengtian, Royal building. Legend has it that the story took place in the Qing Dynasty palace of a renovation project, the first generation of the carpenter’s thunder caused the attention of emperor Kangxi. That is the middle of Kangxi rebuilt the Taihe palace, when close to the completion of the project, to be held in a beam activity, this is a solemn ceremony, the equivalent of us now, feeling the ribbon foundation stone laying ceremony. "What" ceremony that day, Emperor Kangxi to the hall of Supreme Harmony, we are all very nervous, at the crucial moment of the beam, the beam may be official woodworking technology is not good, Ann ridge purlin for a long time, she is not on the tenon rivet. Department officials at the time of the host are anxious, because if this is not successful, may be someone off. Finally, the developed ray beam loading up to, but he is just a craftsman, to do the work at least to have seven office. His boss Ma died as a live call, he put on the robes. So, ray developed sleeves contained a small axe, climbed as a few axes, extraordinary skill, easily installed. Later, Kangxi looked very appreciate, on the spot closed seven officers, when the real case of the palm style. In the historical records, Taihe palace had two times of reconstruction, but for the first time in eight years of Kangxi (1669), the ray is still the future of Beijing, second occurred in the thirty-four years of Kangxi (1695), and ray developed died two years. That is to say, ray developed can not participate in the reconstruction of the temple. Taihe Temple breathtaking scene is so legendary, historians to research this story, it is found that the Lei family in the "grafting", the protagonist of the story is the son of Lei Jinyu ray developed. "What" is not in the Forbidden City but in changchunyuan. With the father of Lei Jinyu North beijing.相关的主题文章:

Daqing 1 companies lost the radioactive container police offer a reward of 30 thousand clues

Daqing 1, radioactive container lost 30 thousand reward to collect clues to the original title: new culture news 30 thousand yuan reward containers containing radioactive isotope container containing radioactive isotopes (reporter Xing Yang)   23, a message spread widely in Songyuan people’s circle of friends, special logging tools Daqing logging drilling logging company five branch loss police reward, collect clues, provide valuable clues to the reward of 10 thousand yuan, to found and handed the public reward 30 thousand yuan, what is the container lost so nervous? A notice of reward said: Daqing drilling logging company logging five branch in September 19th to the construction process in the year, the special tool for logging lost, the article is about 20 cm high, with a handle, the top of the tank is marked with a mark of 2. Because of the facilities belonging to the valuables, we call for the whole of society to provide valuable clues, who found this item and the (clue), cash 10000 yuan reward, who found items and public security organs active, reward 30000 yuan. Notice inscribed as Songyuan City Public Security Bureau Songjiang branch. New culture reporter contacted the Songjiang branch, police said the announcement is indeed issued by the Council, the relevant departments in the full search. Reporters learned from the relevant departments, the facility is radioactive, specifically for logging exploration. After the incident, the provincial Environmental Protection Department of experts rushed to Songyuan for the first time to assess. 23 evening, @ Songyuan released the latest developments in this event, from September 19, 2016 to 21, the Daqing drilling logging company in the construction of the transport process will be equipped with radioactive isotope container lost. Songyuan municipal government and relevant departments launched the emergency response in a timely manner. Provincial and municipal leaders attach great importance to public security, environmental protection, health and other departments to take prompt measures to find. Provincial Environmental Protection Department sent a team of experts to Songyuan. At present, the public security departments are trying to find, the relevant departments are investigating, according to the provincial radiation experts and units with a source confirmed that the missing container containing radioactive isotopes — indium tin 113m, loss of activity is equivalent to the class V radioactive source, is a low risk source, long-term contact can cause damage to the human body if there is, pick up, not without authorization, please contact the environmental protection department. Tel: Songyuan radiation environment supervision station 13904383542 Songyuan City Public Security Bureau of Songjiang police officers, 18043803174 police officers: Pan Zang 18043803109 editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: